Tuesday, March 15, 2011

just the food, ma'am.

here's a spate of foodstuffs that have kept me going in the last few months:

a 2011 pizza

gorgeous pizza: focaccia crust, roasted homegrown green zebra tomato puree (from the freezer—much obliged to myself circa september 2010 for thinking of me), fresh spinach leaves, kalamata olives, chopped onion, a drizzle of olive oil. i especially like this photo because of the shocked visage of the little garlic pot—so expressive.

holey ciabatta

sourdough ciabatta? yeah, i conquered that with my own four hands (okay, two of them were max's). check out those holes!

the recipe is from wild yeast blog, which has guided us through many thrilling sourdough adventures so far.

when you have freshly baked ciabatta rolls in your apartment, you make a sandwich.

ciabatta sandwich

a perfect sandwich is about as perfect as perfect gets. perfect sandwich: homemade ciabatta roll, dijon mustard, sliced avocado, baked marinated tofu, crispy dry-fried kale strips.

crispy kale & tempeh, homemade noodles

more luxury: heaps of tender homemade noodles (rolled and cut by our glorious little hand crank pasta machine), topped with crispy kale (washed and dried as thoroughly as possible, cut into strips, then briefly dry roasted in the oven at around 200 F—like quick no-oil kale chips) and sautéed seasoned tempeh cubes, all drizzled generously with toasted walnut oil and sprinkled with coarse salt. this dish is such a reward to ourselves, it's totally worth the effort.

27th bday ravioli

oh no! i've really been neglectful because these raviolis—my customary birthday supper—date back to december. naturally, the meal was preceded by rollerskating and subsequent cocktails by candlelight (the rain darkened the bar, but failed to dampen our spirits).

homemade hand-cut ravioli with roasted butternut squash filling and a buttery-kale-walnut sauce...growing old is really not so bad when you have a dear someone to cook exquisite birthday meals for you.


Jake and Alana said...

Yumms! I love how everything is white and green.

sophia said...

ha! you're right. there i go sticking kale in every damn thing.

Amey said...

aaaaaa! it all looks SO good, my eyeballs are going nuts! I am going to start showing up on your doorstep asking for dinner. mmmmmmmmmm. Especially all your amazing sourdough creations.... so gorgeous!

Erin said...

I LOVE the idea of dry-frying or dry-roasting kale. I'm totally going to steal the idea and try it soon.