Wednesday, December 29, 2010


land sakes alive! i ate a mushroom!

a spectacular anniversary meal at millennium earlier this fall had already breached the boundaries of my mushroom-phobia. the salad had big, unmistakable chunks of lobster mushroom, but it was somehow...good, with a firmly spongy texture and delicate flavor. well, i knew if there were ever a circumstance in which i'd eat a mushroom and like it, it would be a luxurious dinner at millennium.

max often laments my mushroom-aversion so yesterday i let myself be drawn into an experiment. we were seeking an appropriate sauce to accompany a batch of homemade pasta rolled and cut in our delightful new kitchen toy. flipping through the millennium cookbook—a super-sweet birthday present from dear ms. vegan eats & treats!—it seemed only right to suggest fennel, dill and mushroom cream sauce. project!

the shrooms in question were chanterelles—or, pleasingly, die Pfifferlinge (in german). apparently i like only expensive mushrooms. there was also a broth made from reconstituted dried porcini, the smell of which both attracted and repelled me: delicious hovering on the verge of obscene.

making pasta is fun for the whole family. gertie preferred the slightly-too-small box as meal-prep supervision headquarters.

boxed gertie

but she seemed dismayed to find that the linguine was not destined for feline amusement.

pasta kitty

i'm not going to pretend that this didn't require considerable more time, effort, and expense than a bag of store-bought spaghetti, BUT the results are incomparably satisfying and delicious.

shroom cream pasta

the sauce is fresh fennel, garlic, chanterelle, sherry, porcini mushroom broth, lemon, cashew cream, black pepper and dill—so smooth, complex, and luscious, even with our simplified version of the recipe. the noodles are, of course, perfectly tender and flavorful.

so mushrooms: way to go! nothing can stop us now!


Nikki said...

I have a mild aversion to mushrooms as well, but the more I cook with them, the more I discover that it's mostly just crappy mushrooms I don't like.

Also, every cat should have a linguine tree.

Jake and Alana said...

That meal looks amazing! I love all things mushroom so you can make that for me any time!
Max told me about the new toy when I saw him at 515 the other day. Sounds fun! Glad you had good results.

Jaime said...

Ooh, what a nice kitchen toy! I'm crankin a batch of poppy-sesame crackers through my pasta machine right now! Happy New Year!

Sonya said...

I think I'm gonna plant me a linguine tree in the backyard!

Amey said...

wow!! what an awesome post! how totally rad that you have a pasta roller!!!! Now that I know this about you, you may have to hide it from me so that I don't come borrowing it all the time. I used to make raviolis, rolling out the dough with a rolling pin - it was quite an effort! I LOVE the picture of gertie in the box... what a sweetie pie! Congrats on a successful mushroomy adventure - you know that I can appreciate the risks and rewards of gradually exposing oneself to more mushroom experiences. :)

Mandee said...

Gertie is adorable, my cats would have done the same thing with the box and the pasta!

I don't mind regular button or portobello mushrooms but any fancy or dried mushrooms give me the creeps. Maybe I'll get over it one day.