Sunday, November 28, 2010

thanksgiving sweets

so we were thinking of making an apple pie, a pumpkin pie, and a pecan pie. for 4 people, that seemed a touch excessive...although the real reason that didn't happen has more to do with my single pie pan than it does with any notions of dessert propriety.

instead we made an apple pie. and pumpkin ice cream, which is more or less pumpkin pie filling, only cold. and pecan pie truffles, which are more or less pecan pie filling, only dipped in chocolate. so the triple-pie dream, minus a lot of crust redundancy, trickled its way down into reality.

apple pie

how does a motley crew of arugula-eating hippie liberal academics manage to bake an apple pie this wholesome? it's like we're real americans!

thanksgiving dessert plate

thanksgiving dessert madness. MADNESS. the homemade pumpkin ice cream is coconut- and almond-milk based and seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and allspice. recipe from the vegan scoop. the pecan pie truffles have already colonized my heart and soul. the recipe, by the accomplished hannah kaminsky, was part of the (excellent) new york times online vegetarian thanksgiving feature. so sticky, rich, gooey and boozy, i think this might be the way to stealthily veganize america.


Sonya said...

You ARE real Americans! There's room for everyone in this great land of ours, especially people who love dessert.

Hannah said...

I'm so happy you spotted my recipe! I was incredibly surprised to find it in the NY Times- No one even told me it was going in there! Anyhow, the whole veggie Thanksgiving feature is just awesome, and I'm just excited that the concept of veganism in general isn't such a scary, foreign thing anymore. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

both of those plates are so gorgeous.....