Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving savories

thanksgiving 2010!

thanksgiving table

what do you know? i own a tablecloth! thanks, mom, for keeping me civilized!

the rundown:

maple roasted brussels

maple roasted brussels sprouts. like a preliminary, cruciferous dessert. we couldn't keep our hands off of them.

sourdough stuffing

stuffing made with homemade sourdough bread, onions, apples, celery, fresh sage and rosemary, vegetable broth and olive oil.

stuffed delicata halves

roasted delicata squash stuffed with aforementioned stuffing.

cranberry sauce

orange ginger cranberry sauce. why do i only make this once a year???

creamed pearl onions

creamed pearl onions. mild and pleasingly soft onions in a rich coconut-milk sauce seasoned with bay leaf and nutmeg.

seitan en croute

centerpiece: viva vegan steamed white seitan loaves (with extra sage, rosemary and thyme) wrapped in store-bought puff pastry. super easy yet appropriately fancy. i do love that seitan recipe!

thanksgiving savory plate

the plate in all its glory. wish i had it now. oh yeah, obviously mashed potatoes made an appearance—actually a parsnip potato mash—as did a small ocean of punk rock chickpea gravy.

many thanks to thanksgiving cohort 2010: my beloved max, my amazing friends leslie and mike, and my sweet gertrude kitty! hooray for holidays.

tomorrow: thanksgiving sweets!

5 comments: said...

That's such a good idea to wrap puff pastry around the Viva Vegan white seitan! I made a batch a couple of weeks ago and tried it a couple of different ways, but puff pastry? That's kind of genius!

Sonya said...

And thank your mother for the tablecloth!

Amey said...

hoorah! happy thanks giving! what a beautiful spread, and so many delicious dishes. I wish I could be eating all that food right now. The onions are cute and sound super yum. Plus, that white seitan is the best seitan recipe of all time. I LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

sophia! come to vietnam and cook your delicious thanksgiving food for me!

Erin said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Your meal looks wonderful!