Sunday, October 17, 2010

roasted delicata squash with white bean-cranberry stuffing

i accept the transition from summer to fall begrudgingly, if at all. but there are a few things that can coax me into enjoying the season—most of them alimentary, of course. and in my autumn kitchen, squash reigns supreme. so sweet and soft and wholesome, and delightfully named from the Narragansett asquutasquash (thank you, OED).

stuffed delicata w-rosemary bread

i've extolled the virtues of the delicata squash before. let me reiterate: unlike the fabulous but intimidating rotundity of the butternut, or the rippling impenetrability of the acorn, the delicata is easy to cut open, with no attendant worries of losing a finger or two in the process! furthermore, it needs no peeling! (how a-peeling! ha ha).

this was an impromptu dish largely spearheaded by my boyfriend off the cuff. like so many things we make, it became something extraordinary. what can i say? we eat well around here. roasted delicata squash halves were stuffed with a savory white bean—cranberry filling and sprinkled with walnuts, baked again, and served with homemade multigrain rosemary sourdough bread. blissful. this is a strong contender for thanksgiving main dish 2010.

first step: cut 2 delicata squash in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, then roast in a baking pan at 350 F for about 30 minutes.

while that's roasting, prepare white bean filling. sauté half an onion, minced, in some olive oil, with a big pinch each of fresh or dried rosemary and sage. when the onion is goldenish, add cooked or canned white beans—i'm estimating about 2 cans worth. 1 might suffice, since we had leftover stuffing—and a big handful of dried cranberries. salt to taste and let this simmer while the squash finishes roasting.

when squash is soft enough to pierce with a fork, remove it from the oven. carefully scoop white bean mixture into the cavity of each squash half. dust each top with finely chopped walnuts, or bread crumbs. put it back in the oven and bake another 15 minutes or so, or until the walnuts/bread crumbs are a bit toasty.


jaime said...

i have a volunteer delicata from my garden! perhaps i will make this as this looks extra yumm.

Fig said...

Fall and winter food is such the best. I'm even not too sad to part with fresh peaches and nectarines from the farmer's market if I can have soups and tea and especially squash. I've been trying to decide what to do with the white acorn squash I bought a week ago, and this may be it.

(Also, you probably don't remember me, but I was in the Graphic Novels class you TA'd winter quarter of last year at UCSC; my acquaintance Eric had you as his TA and told me you had a food blog, and when I told you I was thinking of starting one, you said I should go for it. So, here I am! This is probably a long and unnecessary explanation, but I just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement at the time. I love reading your posts!)

Erin said...

I am welcoming Fall with open arms! Fall flavors are my favorite, and you've definitely got that Thanksgiving thing going on here. Sounds delicious.

Hannah said...

Delicatas are my favorite squashes- Yum! I just stuffed some as well, but a bit differently... Hopefully I'll be posting the recipe soon. ;) Love your take on it though, I'll have to try this as well.