Tuesday, March 09, 2010

pantry, persimmon, dumplings, cowboys, cookies

i'd like to come up with a witty framework for tonight's blog post, but i'm too tired. so i'll just talk about food. story of my life.

following a happenstance sunny encounter in front of a heap of organic oranges, the santa cruz vegan girl gang laid plans for a pantry swap. the mission: unearth the neglected foodstuffs from the cupboard depths and use them in an exciting potluck dish, or bestow them on some willing recipient.

neglected foodstuff #1: persimmon. hey, did you guys know i have some persimmon lying around the house? little known fact.

how to trick your friends into eating more of your persimmons:

persimmon cinnamon rolls unbaked

(baked and iced)
persimmon cinnamon rolls baked

cinnamon rolls for the win! i subbed persimmon pulp 1:1 for all the liquid in the vegan brunch cinnamon roll recipe. i also cut out almost all of the sugar in the dough itself, since persimmons are so sweet and there's enough sugar in the filling and icing to satiate even sweet fiends like me.

do you think i should call these "pers-cinnamon rolls"? or "persimm-amon rolls"? i think i just might.

amey posted about our pantry party at vegan eats & treats!, with photos of our awesome spread. i managed to get rid of some thai sticky rice as well as a paltry few black cardamom pods...i was really hoping others would snap that stuff up. but i scored a goodie bag of fabulous pantry items including: wasabi, pickapeppa hot sauce, coconut cashew marinade, pistachio candies, and a bag of broken yuba (dried bean curd) pieces. a great haul! i'm so glad to have such classy, generous friends who love to cook and share!

in other news, my friend leslie came to town, and when leslie visits, dumplings are in order! unlike last time (the gyoza incident), everyone escaped unscathed. this time we made vegan dad's chinese dumplings (recipe here): a simple flour dough stuffed with gingery, savory mashed chickpeas, sealed up, and boiled or steamed (we swung both ways). so good! soooooo goooooooooood! when you have wine, friends, and time, it's so totally worth it to spend a couple hours cooking and eating an extraordinary meal.


served with a simple dipping sauce (tamari, seasoned rice vinegar, sesame oil, sriracha) and some stir-fried bok choy.

lastly, i have a new favorite cookie. this is a big deal.

cowboy cookie jar

cowboy cookie! cowboy cookies! yahoo! i want to bake these cookies for jack twist and ennis del mar, for blondie/the man with no name, and for all the other lonesome cowboys who longed for chocolate/oats/coconut/brown sugar/pecans/etc. while they loped through the desert.

these cookies did the unthinkable: they got BETTER EVERY DAY. the fourth and final day of eating these cookies was the best. even though the first day was already so damn good. chewy, buttery, rich, packed with all manner of delicious addenda. plus, the recipe makes a ton of huge cookies. bliss!

enough of this silliness, time for bed!


Amey said...

hooorah! Those pers-cinnamon rolls were sooooo good. Perfect & delicious!

I can't believe your mad dumpling skilz. I still haven't ever attempted something like that. Each one looks like a perfect little beauty of yumminess.

I also haven't tried the cowboy cookies yet, despite reading many a rave review. Next time I need cookies, I'll turn to that recipe. Also, your cookie jar is crazy cute!!

sophia said...

i should have noted that leslie was the dumpling skilz master! her dumplings were the most picture-perfect. mine were eh. but at least they stayed together.

prideandvegudice said...

yum! cowboy cookies are amazing. i've made a version with coconut oil in them, and dammmmmmmmn.

Erin said...

As if you have to trick people into eating persimmons! The cinnamon rolls sounds awesome.

Hannah said...

Oh wow, those rolls not only look amazingly soft and delicious, but pretty darned perfect! Like little swirly, sugary works of art. ;)