Monday, September 29, 2008

catching up! from a new city

second attempt at foodblogging, go!

so i'm in a new town now and i vow to actually maintain this blog. the other day i picked up a hugely beautiful bunch of spinach from the UCSC farmstand - that is some very local produce. i had it in my head to make aloo palak, delicious indian-spicy spinach glop with pot

aloo palak

here's the recipe i used.

i paired it with basmati rice and tamarind lentils from veganomicon - wow! i make lentils a lot but these were truly awesome. as i've said before i love the tangy, unique taste of tamarind and this recipe was very very easy.

veganomicon tamarind lentils

yummy plate

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Georgia said...

hey I was just thinking about making the tamarind lentils from VCON - now I think I will - thanks for the review.

Just stumbled across your blog and am enjoying it.